2ml autosampler vials – hplc vials pack of 8


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A 2ml autosampler vial refers to a small glass or plastic container with a volume capacity of 2 milliliters (2ml). It is specifically designed for use with an autosampler, which is a laboratory instrument used for automated sample injection into analytical instruments such as gas chromatographs (GC) or liquid chromatographs (LC).

The autosampler vial is used to hold and protect the sample that will be injected into the instrument for analysis. It is commonly used in various scientific and analytical applications, including pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, and biological research. The vial typically has a narrow opening and is equipped with a cap or septum for easy and secure sealing.

The 2ml volume capacity of the autosampler vial is convenient for holding small sample volumes, especially when the available sample is limited. It allows for precise and reproducible injections, ensuring accurate and reliable analytical results.